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'Ello there! I'm Courtney Privett, author of the epic fantasy Malora series. I'm also a long-time vegan and former chemist who likes to fiddle around in the kitchen. My main blog is Evergreen and Indigo, where some of the recipes here were originally published.

I have three young children who have been vegan since conception with the exception of milk and egg allergy trials we ran with the older two. We didn't want any nasty surprises if they happened to pick up a cupcake at a birthday party or if a relative gave him something non-vegan. Turbokid was born in December 2009, Messy Mouse was born in December 2011, and Stormageddon was born in May 2014. My husband is vegetarian and not vegan, but our household is vegan because of allergies.

My family has an intimidating collection of food allergies and intolerances. I'm certain more allergies will show up as the kids get older, but I'm experienced enough with label reading and cooking to get around just about any allergy. Between the four of us, our allergy and intolerance list includes: dairy, eggs, chicken, beef, fish, shellfish, cherries, spirulina, beets, pork, and mango. The first eight are mine.

If you have any recipe creation requests or need ideas for allergy substitutions, feel free to leave a comment for me. I'm glad to help. You can also follow this blog's page on Facebook and my Pinterest board!

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